Operation Scanning & Analytics

We digitalise your plant equipment to identify unseen issues in your PV systems' installation.

Digitising Your Equipment’s Thermographic Inspections

The thermographic inspection of electrical equipment is an established preventative and corrective plant maintenance method. However, as most thermographic imaging and inspections are conducted by on-site personnel, the images captured are rarely analysed by a team of solar professionals and/or experts. As such, most of the data obtained are undigitised and unreferenced.

Introducing Our User-friendly FieldX Software

AVA’s FieldX software is a purpose-built smart application that helps your team optimise their equipment scanning operations by using a mobile phone. We mark all the images captured on-site with asset management tags that are customised for each equipment.

Let us help you with digitalising your inspection work to save time, as well as improve your accuracy and efficiency in the defect detection of your equipment.   

Easily Begin Now

Use our FieldX software to digitise the thermographic inspections of your plant equipment.

Step 1:

Data Capture


Your personnel uses the FieldX software installed on their mobile phones to capture data on-site at any time

Step 2:

Data Upload onto AVA's Server

We upload the data captured from the FieldX software onto our server

Step 3:

Data Analysis

by AVA

Images are analysed by our solar professionals to identify the equipment's defects and abnormalities

The Results:

Receive an In-depth and Detailed Report

All defects are included with detailed reporting and descriptions, as well as the corrective actions required

AVA's Cloud Dashboard

Able to view previous plant performance assessments

Provides asset management tags and labels to help locate the anomalies in your plants

Located defects and/or anomalies are analysed by our technical team

Enables portfolio management for multiple plants

We support you in the different phases of your needs


We help identify all the possible defects related to cable crimping, wiring connections and cable faults.

Operation and Maintenance

We help you to continuously identify faults such as loosened connections, scratched cables, and etc.

End of Warranty

We assess the quality of your contractor’s workmanship on your PV system to determine if it is defect-free — such as the plant’s wires, cables and connections.

Merger and Acquisition

We provide you with a better understanding about your plant’s quality of workmanship — such as the quality of its system installation and equipment.

Benefits of AVA's Operation Scanning & Analytics Services:

100% In-depth Scanning

Comprises of 100% in-depth scanning procedures


Quick and easy-to-use

Reduces Your Paperwork

Reduces paperwork by optimising your equipment scanning operations

Provides High-speed

Data Acquisition

Provides high-speed data acquisition on-site to help boost your solar asset management efficiency

Accelerated Digitalisation of Results

Accelerated digitalisation of results – able to scan 1200 types of equipment within 3 days, and provide a full report delivery of your defective equipment within 2 days

Examines Quality of Plant Equipment

Fully examines the workmanship and/or quality of your plant equipment

Get in Touch!

We help Solar PV Asset Owners, EPCs, Asset Management, and O&M teams to digitalise their plant equipment to identify the specific defects located in their PV system installation. Start your in-depth equipment scanning procedures with AVA Asia today!  


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