Drone Inspection & Image Analytics

We conduct aerial inspections and AI analytics to uncover undetected panel defects.

Autonomous Drone Inspection

Drones are deployed to fly autonomously according to the pre-planned flight path that has been programmed to suit your solar plant’s terrain.


This allows the drone to collect high-quality aerial data from the plant. The autonomous drone inspection process helps ensure that all solar panels are thoroughly scanned to identify any hidden defects or issues in the plant.

AI and Machine Learning

Using AVA’s proprietary AI software, we help process the thermal and visual imagery obtained from the drone to help identify and localise abnormalities in the plant.


With our cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, our software analyses each single panel in your solar farm(s) to detect any potential or omitted defects that could reduce the performance of your asset.

Some examples of the defects that we detect include:

Vegetation Overgrown / Shading

Dirt Deposits / Excessive Soiling

Defective Panels – e.g., Bypass diodes, Micro-cracks, Hotspots, Potential Induced Degradation (PID), Delamination and Internal Corrosion, Snail Trail Contamination, etc. 

Electrical Issues / Faulty Cables

Inverter / String Level Problems – e.g., Open Circuit Strings, Short Circuit Strings, Underperforming Strings, etc.

Easily Begin Now

Use our aerial inspection and AI software to optimise the performance of your solar power plants.

Step 1:

Conduct an Aerial Inspection of the Solar PV Plant

You can choose our AVA’s turnkey services or perform your own in-house aerial inspection of the plant

Step 2:

Detect Abnormalities in the Plant

Our advanced AI software is used to analyse the data collected to detect abnormalities or potential defects within the plant 

Step 3:

Localise and Emphasise Issues in the Plant

We localise and emphasise the problems in the plant, in which they are marked, geo-referenced and reviewed for immediate rectification

The Results:

Receive an In-depth and Detailed Report

We identify the problems of the plant’s energy production loss in your AVA's Cloud dashboard account

AVA’s software has a 100% accuracy rate in the defect detection of solar plants.

Actionable Insights and Reports Enable Results

AVA’s robust software converts the aerial inspection imagery of PV plants into detailed analytics to manage the asset’s condition and performance.

The report can be viewed on your AVA’s Cloud dashboard account. You will receive:

AVA's software account for your organisation

Each solar PV plant in your portfolio, along with reports for each inspection

A digitised and geo-referenced PV plant, with each module individually marked and assigned to a string or combiner

We support you in the different phases of your needs:


Operation and Maintenance

End of Warranty

Merger and Acquisition

We help identify all the possible defects related to the solar panels prior to your asset transfer. We also provide a baseline assessment of the plant to help with your performance tracking.

We conduct annual checks on the solar panels to ensure that your plant is defect-free, and is always performing at its maximum capacity.

We help ensure that your solar panels are free from defects before the warranty period ends. You can rest assured knowing that the PV system handed over is defect-free.

We provide you with a better understanding about the condition of your coveted solar power plant prior to bidding. This helps with predicting the plant’s performance and costs for the future.

Benefits of AVA's Drone Inspection & Image Analytics Services:

Exact Panel Location

Identifies defects at the exact panel location

Accurate Insights and Reports

Utilises data analytics to provide accurate insights and reports about the PV systems

Defect Removal Efficiency

Detailed reports help O&M teams improve the defect removal efficiency of their plants

Maintain and Improve PV Systems

Helps with the maintenance and improvement of PV asset management systems  

Consulting Services with Experts

Discuss your results with our internal Solar experts who have more than 1GW of PV assets' experience in development, construction, design and asset management

Services Available Through:

Option 1:

Turnkey Services

Turn to us for all the operations and regulations of the aerial drone inspection for your solar PV system at any location.


Our team of professionally trained pilots and solar experts help you with collecting high-quality aerial data directly, analyse them with our AI software and provide the results in a comprehensive report for you.

Option 2:

AI Image Analytics Services

We provide the relevant flight parameters for your in-house team to conduct their own drone inspections. Once the flights are completed, the data can be uploaded onto our server for checking, processing and analysing. 

You will then receive a full analytics report with accurate insights about the condition and performance of your solar PV system that integrates with your workflow on-site.

We provide drone inspection services and solar inspection services for the following countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Japan, Brazil, and Turkey.

We provide drone inspection services for solar PV in Malaysia. We provide drone inspection for LSS solar PV in Malaysia. 

We provide drone inspection services for solar PV in Vietnam. We provide drone inspection for solar PV in Thailand.

We provide drone inspection services for solar PV farm in Thailand. We provide drone inspection for solar PV in the Philippines.

We provide drone inspection services for solar PV in the United States of America (USA) and United Kingdom (UK).

We provide drone inspection services for solar PV in Japan. We provide drone inspection services for solar PV in Brazil. 

We provide drone inspection services for solar PV in Turkey.  

Get in Touch!

We work with Solar PV Asset Owners, EPCs, Asset Management, and O&M teams who want to engage in advanced drone inspection and analytics services to manage their solar assets. Increase your portfolio efficiency by starting your aerial inspection with AVA Asia today!


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We provide drone inspection services to the following countries:

Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, USA, UK, Japan, Brazil, and Turkey.

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