Big Data Analytics

We analyse every string and inverter to unveil the hidden faults in your plant.

Big Data Analytics

with AI-powered Technology

We use AI Analytics to continuously analyse the data stored in your plant to identify potential or obscure defects, as well as determine the plant’s operational efficiency and performance. 

We produce an analytics report that:

Identifies the anomalies present in the plant

Showcases the trends of the collected data over time

Reveals hidden insights of the plant – such as the plant’s performance or degradation issues that have been impacted by identified defects

Provides comprehensible data visualisations of the plant to assist with your operational maintenance and management

Provides Fast and Accurate Information about Underperformance

With AVA’s innovative AI software, your O&M team can focus on the identified string(s), examine its state of criticality, and troubleshoot the problems as accordingly. In addition, we provide localised or exact string information based on the data collected in the plant (such as the inverter, string combiner box, and solar panels).

Some of the defects that can be identified with our AI Data Analytics include:

Panel-related issues such as damaged panels, damaged cells, faulty bypass diodes, and etc.

Cable-related issues such as rodent damage to cables, ground faults, scratches on cables, and etc.

String-related issues such as open circuits, short circuits and underperforming strings

Dusty areas in your solar PV plants for effective cleaning to be carried out

Easily Begin Now

Use our big data analytics to optimise the performance of your solar power plants.

Step 1:

Data Extraction

Data is extracted manually or automatically each day. The extracted data is then sent to AVA's server for analysis

Step 2:

Data Analytics

We help process and analyse the data in the cloud to identify any potential defects or underperforming strings in your solar plant

Step 3:

Reporting and Insights

The identified issues will be presented in a report. The insights generated can be used for troubleshooting your PV system

GIS + PV Big Data Technology

AVA helps digitise your asset by combining structural, electrical, and other business-critical features and asset data. Digital base maps, layouts and sites, as-built and/or record drawings of plants have all been geographically coordinated and referenced in the software for users.

We use GIS and GPS systems to easily detect any abnormalities in your plants. This geospatial technology provides analyses to help our clients track the progression of their PV systems, aid in their plant preventative maintenance plans, plant warranty screenings and more.

We analyse all levels of analytics:

We help identify issues such as defective panels, cells, cables, open circuits, and underperforming strings.

We help identify open circuit strings, blown fuses, disconnected strings, main cable faults, and etc.

We understand the performance ratio of all inverters with the large number of panels connected.

Detailed Reporting 

Our detailed report provides insights about your plant's condition in user-friendly formats for review and usage. 

Your Plant's Insights Reporting: 

Provides an overview of the defects' locations

Includes a straightforward plant trend analysis

Identifies the current defects’ impact on yield production

Predicts defects before major yield losses can occur

Provides information on defect detection, and a continuous analysis of each solar string’s performance via AI analytics 

We support you in the different phases of your needs

We can analyse your data either continuously at your most preferred frequency (e.g., daily, weekly, or monthly), or as a one-off event. 


Operation and Maintenance

End of Warranty

Merger and Acquisition

We help identify all the possible defects related to the plant's sensors and cables via big data analytics.

We help to continuously identify any potential defects or underperforming strings in your plant. 

We help ensure that your PV system is free from defects (such as cable or string-related issues) before asset transfer occurs.

We provide you with a better understanding of your solar plant’s condition at the micro level of analytics (such as the string and combiner box levels) and its trends over time.

Benefits of AVA's Big Data Analytics Services:

Identify Hidden Underperforming Strings

Uses big data analytics and location-based technologies to identify hidden underperforming strings that cause major yield losses

Bridges the Gaps 

Big Data Analytics helps bridge the gaps found in Drone Inspection and Image Analytics services by analysing the non-image-based data found in your plants —  such as the string data and inverter data

Used on Different Types of Terrains

Can be used for PV systems on various types of terrains — such as flat or inclined terrains

Understand Your Plant's Condition

Our reports contain data trends to help stakeholders understand their plant’s condition or degradation rate on a continuous basis

Predict Your Plant's Issues Early

Able to identify the plant’s underperforming strings early and/or predict various issues that could minimise yield production (such as cable insulation defects and connections, shading, quality of terrains, etc.)

Resolve Defects to Reduce Severity

Enables stakeholders to resolve defects within the plant to prevent its severity over time

Provides Additional Client Support Services

AVA has helped various clients across the Asia-Pacific region in diagnosing thousands of defects that were unable to be detected through their own standard operation and maintenance procedures. 

We take things a step further by providing additional support services to our clients, such as:

Providing methods for the troubleshooting process when dealing with defective solar panels

Providing technical consultancy services to determine the condition and safety impacts of your solar plant

Helping clients to establish the priorities of their solar PV assets to ensure a smooth or rapid workflow on-site

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Start increasing your yield production and maximising your ROIs with AVA. We help Solar PV Asset Owners, EPCs, Asset Management, and O&M teams to identify and locate the hidden defects in their solar plants by analysing the plant data collected. Get access to your plant's analytics report with AVA Asia today!


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