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We provide innovative end to end autonomous drone inspection service that includes drone inspection, thermal and visual analytics for the solar PV financiers, owners, EPCs, and O&M operators. With our background founded by solar PV professionals, we assure you that the insights generated from our analytics will be unrivalled and actionable by the operation team. The report is generated in accordance to IEC standard which is acceptable by all panel manufacturers, insurers and owners.  


AVA offers the following services:

  • Drone thermal and visual inspections

  • Drone data analytics and reporting

  • Commissioning handover checks

  • Technical (data) due diligence

  • M&A due diligence

  • Warranty expiring due diligence

Step 1: Data Collection

Whether you have a team of trained pilots or are looking for expert drone operator to help you conduct drone operation​, we have complete solution to get you covered for the best quality of data. 

Option 1

Fly on Your Own

(Toolkit Solution)


We provide toolkit solution that includes hardware, software, commissioning of the flight software, pre-programmed terrain fit flight path, on site training of your staff to be the pilot and remote technical support to enable your operation team to collect high quality aerial data consistently.

Option 2

We Fly for You

(Turnkey Solution)


Let us worry about all the operation and regulation that involves bringing the drone around and operation of the drone. Our professional trained pilots can help you to collect high quality aerial data at safest operation according to IEC standard.

Step 2: Data Analytics & Report

Thermal & Visual Data Analytics

Using our proprietary Smart Solar PV machine learning algorithms and geospatial technology, we process and analyze both visual and thermal data from the drone to identify defects at module, string and inverter level as listed below:

  • Defective solar PV panel such as by pass diode failure, microcracks, PID, hotspot, cracked glass, and etc.

  • Misaligned tracker

  • Vegetation analysis

  • Shading analysis

  • String level faults

Actionable Insights Reporting

Insights generated from the analytics will be tabulated and reported in the 360 Solar PV data management platform. With our one stop data management platform, all of the data will be stored securely on the cloud and managed to allow future big data analytics for IOT integration. 

  • Secured cloud data management platform

  • PDF reporting for identified anomalies

  • Portfolio management

  • Plant level defect analytics

  • Allow IOT integration for big data analytics

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