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Autonomous Drone Inspection


Drone Data Analytics


Reporting and Data Management


We provide end to end autonomous drone data analytics solution to solar PV financiers, insurers, developers, asset managers, EPCs and O&M operators. Our services include using autonomous drone to conduct inspection, process & analyze data collected by the visual and thermal sensors to generate insights that allow asset managers to target at the defects to maximize the plant yield. 

Cutting Edge Technologies

Autonomous Drone 

Program the drone to fly according to the flight path we preprogrammed that best suited your plant terrain


360 Solar PV


One stop management system for all your drone aerial data across multiple solar PV plant.

Smart Solar AI

Process images collected from the drone to detect and analyze each and every single panel in your farms to identify potential defects


Ready for Maximizing Plant Performance?

Whether your plant is performing or under-performing, we can help to maximize the plant yield

Why Choose AVA

We Understand Solar


AVA team is comprised of experienced solar PV engineers. Rest assured that the insights we deliver is actionable by the operation team on the ground. No second guess is required. We also provide consultancy to plant owners ways to mitigate the problems.
Accurate Analytics


Our proprietary machine learning algorithm ensures all the solar PV panels are being analyzed accurately to identify potential defects such as bypass diode failure, hotspots, PIDs, string failures, etc. You can conduct targeted maintenance on the defective panel marked up by us.
Fast Report Delivery


Fast delivery of report is our promise because we understand that you are losing yield every minute if there is a defect within the plant. Our Smart Solar PV, a proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm enables us to process data faster than our competitors. 



> 900


> 7,000


Owned a Drone?

We provide analytics and data management service that allows you to identify more accurate and faster with our Smart Solar AI.

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